What’s better than Diverse Solutions?

Diverse Solutions’ dsIDXpress is the best WordPress IDX…and IDX+ makes it even better.

How make your listing pages stand out using IDX+

With stock dsIDXpress, you can’t change the content that is sent to your site: your website gets the same exact text as the rest of the real estate agents or brokers in your MLS. Every listing and search result will be exactly the same. This is bad for SEO, and it doesn’t help you stand out from the crowd.

Use IDX+ features to make your listings unique, and Google will never look at you the same way.

  • Custom Content, page descriptions, and page titles on a per-listing or per-search basis. Using IDX+, you can add custom content to your search results pages and modify your listing pages to add unique content. This is huge: your listing pages will be unique.
  • SEO Block – add SEO-friendly text that is modified based on the features of the home. For example, you can write %%address%% is the nicest home in %%community%%, and for each listing, it will show up with `%%address%%` and `%%community%%` swapped out with data from the listing.
  • Facebook Comments – engaging your users with Facebook comments is a low-friction way to get clients. When people use Facebook to comment on your listings, they’re starting a conversation. That’s a giant step closer to closing a lead. And it’s included with IDX+.
  • Modify your template with IDX+. This is a huge opportunity to stand out from the crowd: you can modify the HTML output to create dramatically different layouts and designs not possible with dsIDXpress. IDX+ gives you total control. Diverse Solutions is one-size-fits-all. You are not!

If you want to know if something is possible with IDX+, contact us with your question.

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