Version 2.3.6 Released

2.3.6 on August 21

  • Added: “Enable IDX+ Functionality” checkbox on IDX Page IDX+ settings – uncheck if you want to use the default dsIDXpress layout.
  • Added: Support for customized Diverse Solutions field labels for “Tract” and “Community”. If you use custom labels, follow these instructions.
  • Fixed (Pro): Added support for “Login to view […]” data
  • Fixed: Enable Custom Content when on page 2 or higher for search results that have /idx/ as the URL path
  • Fixed: Use dsIDXpress price instead of Sale Price, even if available
  • IDX Page Improvements
    • Modified: dsIDXpress 2.1.12 now handles custom page content
    • Fixed: IDX Pages respect the idx_plus_custom_content_show_on_all_pages filter to show or hide custom content on paginated results
    • Fixed: IDX Pages only show up to 50 results at a time. If your IDX+ settings are set higher than 50, they’ll be reduced to 50.
    • Fixed: “Ugly” pagination URLs
    • Fixed: Hide “Return to Search” link
    • Fixed: Restore WordPress SEO settings on IDX Pages
  • Added: IDX_Plus::is_idx_page() method to check if on dsIDXpress IDX Page
  • Modified: Improved display of Saved Searches widget links
    • Don’t show sorting as a parameter in Saved Searches details
  • Fixed: Conflicting “Return to Search” link URLs (changed cookie name from idx_plus_back to idx_plus_return)
  • Added: idx_plus_cookie_path filter to modify path to IDX+ cookies. (See related help doc)
  • Verified compatibility with WordPress 4.0

2.3.5 on August 9

  • Added: Support for custom canonicals in the Admin Panel
  • Added: “Override Canonical” checkbox in IDX Pages editor – toggle whether to pass SEO value through to the dsIDXpress search page or keep it on the IDX Page. Learn more
  • Fixed (Pro): Data boxes being “squished” in Slideshow layout
  • Modified: Prevent IDX+ from running on the WordPress admin “timout” login screen
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