Messy tract names in dsIDXpress are a thing of the past.

Do you have Tracts that look like this “Meriden (merd) (MERIDEN (MERD))"?

In Version 2.1.4 of IDX+, a neat new feature was introduced: Clean Tract Names.

If you’re an real estate agent in SoCal, you know all about the messy tract names that your MLS generates. The name of the tract gets buried so deep in parenthesis that it’s hard to even see the original name!

Clean Tract Names are Tract names…with the junk removed.

Clean Tract Names take ugly tract names and fix them.

  • Meriden (merd) (MERIDEN (MERD)) becomes Meriden
  • Happy Valley (HPVY) becomes Happy Valley


Heading using %%tract%%


Heading using %%tract_clean%%

Only available on IDX+

Clean Tract Names are one example of a great feature that’s made possible using IDX+!

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