How to Replace the Default dsIDXpress Disclaimer with IDX+

When you have a website running the dsIDXpress plugin, you’re going to have a lengthy disclaimer at the bottom of your search results and listing pages. This disclaimer may be much longer than is necessary and is required by your MLS. If you want to customize your disclaimer using IDX+, here’s how:

Add the following code to your theme’s `functions.php` file:

// Start custom disclaimer code
add_filter(‘idx_plus_disclaimer_output’, ‘add_my_own_custom_disclaimer’);

function add_my_own_custom_disclaimer($disclaimer = ”) {

// If the last update time was found, use it.
preg_match(‘/Listing data last updated (.*?)\./ism’, $disclaimer, $matches);
if(isset($matches[1])) { $last_updated = $matches[1]; } else { $last_updated = ”; }
<p>Enter your customized disclaimer here. <?php if(!empty($last_updated)) { echo ‘Listing data last updated ‘. $last_updated.’.’; } ?></p>
return ”; // Make sure this stays here.
// End custom disclaimer code

This will replace the dsIDXpress disclaimer with your own!

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