How to Improve Your Real Estate Website Page Speed

Speed Up Your Real Estate Website Using IDX+

Point W3 Total Cache to your IDX+ enhanced sitemap generated by the WordPress SEO plugin.

IDX+ adds all your MLS ZIP codes, tracts, cities, and communities automatically into your WordPress SEO plugin’s sitemap. Check out the IDX+ optimized sitemap for yourself – you can see how this helps search engine indexing. Point W3 Total Cache to your sitemap generated by the WordPress SEO plugin.  Thanks to IDX+, your listings, cities, communities, tracts, and ZIP codes will all be pre-loaded, primed, and ready for speedy browsing.

Real estate sitemap

IDX+ adds real estate sitemaps automatically.

Steps to Improve dsIDXpress Page Speed

You’ll need four plugins installed:

  1. W3 Total Cache
  2. WordPress SEO plugin
  3. dsIDXpress
  4. Audit Trail (if you want listings pre-loaded)
  5. and IDX+

If you’re using the W3 Total Cache plugin (which I recommend), there’s a feature called Cache Preload.

  1. Go to WordPress Admin > Performance > Page Cache, then scroll to Cache Preload.
  2. Configure the Cache Preload “Sitemap URL” setting to the URL of your sitemap generated by the WordPress SEO plugin (``)
  3. Save the settings.

What it does is it reads your site’s sitemap for pages, then pre-loads each of them and stores them in the cache. This means that when users go to any of the pages in your sitemap, they will have already been loaded recently and will load much faster. Thanks to IDX+, you can finally automatically preload all your real estate pages as well!

dsIDXpress Speed Improvement

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