How to Add Custom Content to IDX Pages Using IDX+

Do you spend hours creating nested pages for your city, ZIP and community SEO?

Stop wasting time: IDX+ gives web masters more flexibility than ever before to optimize the content on their website. Before IDX+, your search results page was never optimized, and you would need to create hundreds of pages to generate unique content for your city, community, ZIP, or listing.

Before IDX+

  • Create a city page with SEO content on it
  • Embed a `[idx-listings]` shortcode to show some listings from that city
  • If an user wanted to see all listings for a city, they would have to do a search

With IDX+

  • Add unique, optimized content directly on the search results page.
  • Modify meta titles & description, page headings, and content using a rich text editor.
  • Listing pages automatically link back to the City, County, and Community pages, creating valuable link structure that used to take hours.
  • Never deal with creating location-based pages again! Focus on blogging, instead.

This video will show you how to create custom content directly on the search results page.

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