Grid View, “Gallery View”

Gallery or Grid View
Your listings look nice in a list. But they look amazing in a grid. Customize to your heart’s delight!

You can customize the gallery view:

  • The number of listings per row;
  • Spacing between listings;
  • Listing image sizes; and
  • Whether to show or hide listing details.

Smart Search Filters

dsIDXpress Search FiltersUsers want to modify and refine their search. When users perform a search with options like Min Price, Max Price, Property Type, etc., they will be able to easily strip away the filters.

Template-Based Layout

IDX+ gives you full control over the order and structure of your results and listing pages. Want to modify the HTML? Easy. Want to hide the Additional Details? Done. You finally have complete control.

Replacement Variables

Use replacement tags throughout IDX+ templates and settings. If you want to change “Bird’s Eye View” to be more SEO-friendly, you can update the setting to `Bird’s Eye View of %%address%%`, and the listing’s address will be added (view an example).

Learn More about Replacement Variables

Improved Zero Results Pages

When users do a search and there are no results, you can show them a custom message. Also, IDX+ hides the pagination links and the “Properties 1-0 of 0” text. In addition with the Search Filters feature (below), your site becomes much more usable.