IDX+ adds functionality to your real estate website:

Improve dsIDXpress(*) SEO Immediately

The SEO benefits of IDX+ alone make it a must-have plugin for your website.

IDX+ has tons of SEO configuration settings

When I launched, my site had 5,000 indexed pages. It was always about 5,000. Since installing IDX+, I am up to 341,000 indexed pages in Google.

englishteam.com experienced a huge jump in the number of sites indexed by Google [from 7,500 to over 56,000 pages]. Buyer prospects doing a Google search for a specific property or street name are now highly likely to see our IDX page in the top five results.

IDX+ makes your website a SEO powerhouse with SEO Breadcrumbs, Auto-Generated Sitemaps, Related Properties, Related Articles, and 301 Redirects for expired listings, integration with the WordPress SEO plugin, and more.

SEO Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs = SEO

When you add IDX+ SEO breadcrumbs to your site, Google crawls more of your site, but that’s not all: Google will show a drill-down menu on Google search results. This generates more clicks than a standard listing, and isn’t possible without IDX+.

Forced registration = more leads

Forced Registration for WordPress IDXWebsites with forced registration generate more leads. Users who register get access to the great features like favorite listings & saved searches.

You can choose to make registration optional, and how many page views users see for “free” before showing the register/login screen.

More about forced registration

Facebook Comments Integration

Easily add Facebook Comments to your listings pages.
It’s easy to add Facebook comments form to every listing on your site. Engage visitors with your Facebook comment form and convert them into leads!

Favorite Listings & Saved Searches

Favorite Listings & Saved Searches

IDX+ comes with widgets for saved listings & saved searches. When a logged-in user clicks “Add to Favorites,” the listing will appear in the sidebar and the link will change to “Remove from Favorites.” Effortless, and as it should be.

Collect useful user data

In-depth user data
Wish you could have good information on what listings your leads are viewing and what searches they are saving? IDX+ comes with a full-featured user dashboard that tracks users and provides helpful stats.

Learn about user data

IDX+ is great for customization.

Gallery or Grid View
IDX+ takes your website to the next level and gives you what you’ve been waiting for:

  • Grid (“gallery”) view of search results
  • Editable layout templates
  • Define results per page site-wide (not just in shortcodes)
  • Smart search filters improve search results

Developer Friendly? Oh yeah.

dsIDXpress is a walled garden: they feed you the HTML and it’s not easy to modify it. IDX+ gives you a full-featured framework and template system with hundreds of actions and filters and granular control over the HTML output. If you’re a WordPress developer, you will be at home integrating with IDX+

…and more!

  • Editable text – customize your headings and text for almost everything!
  • Custom “No Photo” Photo –  it may seem small, but not being able to customize your “No Photo Available” photo is a drag. Now you can!
  • Listings by Price Widget allows you to quickly and easily create widgets with a list of prices for a location. (See the example in the footer of this website)