dsIDXpress Listing Sitemap – Now with Indexed Images

WordPress SEO sitemap integration

IDX+ integrates with the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast by automatically generating sitemaps of your cities, communities, ZIP codes, tracts/subdivisions and listings. It’s really powerful, and has helped IDX+ customers increase the number of pages Google indexes.

Image Sitemaps are a SEO win…

With Image Search, just as with Google Web Search, following Webmaster Guidelines and best practices for publishing images can increase the likelihood that your images can be found in Image Search results.
Google Webmaster Tools: Image sitemaps

Image sitemaps are helpful in getting good SEO rankings. Zillow, Trulia, and other websites that real estate agents compete with all have image sitemaps, so we wanted to allow our customers to add image sitemaps.

…so we added Image Sitemaps

In Version 2.3.3, IDX+ added image sitemap support.Google is notified of images attached to each listing. This resulted in a mixed bag:

  • The good news: The sitemap worked, and Google slurped up the new data.
  • The bad news: Diverse Solutions didn’t allow indexing of the listing images, so Google wouldn’t pass any SEO value.

There was no way to make listing images indexable that didn’t require Diverse Solutions changing their site’s indexing policy. That was unlikely, so we created an add-on plugin that solves the problem.

Enter the Local Sitemap Images Plugin

This plugin converts URLs of listing images to be displayed on your own website domain instead of the DS website. That way, your site’s robots.txt indexing policy will be used instead of Diverse Solutions’. The plugin is running on the IDX+ site, and if you look at the source code, you’ll see the images are no longer pointing to http://1.idx-pics.diverse-cdn.com; they’re pointing to http://idxplus.net.

  • Before: http://1.idx-pics.diverse-cdn.com/554/20649440/0-full.jpg
  • After: http://idxplus.net/idx/image/554/20649440/0-full.jpg

This improves your site’s ranking in Google Image Search, and may also help improve your dsIDXpress SEO overall.

Note: your MLS may not allow images to be hosted on your own website. This plugin doesn’t actually host the images; it just displays DS images as having URLs that come from your site, but still, use at your own risk.

Download now: IDX+ – Local Sitemap Images Plugin

The Local Images plugin requires:

  • WordPress SEO Plugin, with XML Sitemaps enabled
  • IDX+ with “Auto-Sitemap” and “Add to Sitemap: Listings” settings enabled

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