Actions & Hooks

About Actions

Each action has corresponding `before_` and `after_` actions; `idx_plus_action_links` also has `idx_plus_before_action_links` and `idx_plus_after_action_links` available, but they require that `idx_plus_action_links` remains in the template.

Search Result Actions

Single Listing Actions

  • `idx_plus_breadcrumbs` – Add SEO-optimized breadcrumbs for the listing
  • `idx_plus_before_listing_content` – Not yet used for anything (available for developers)
  • `idx_plus_action_links` – Links: request more info, schedule a showing, share, print, add to favorites. Uses listing-actions.php template
  • `idx_plus_listing_header` – Primary listing details & gallery. Uses `listing-header.php` or `listing-header-alternate.php` template, depending on “Replace the Details Box” setting
  • `idx_plus_secondary_data` – Last updated, year built, county, etc. Uses `listing-secondary-data.php` template
  • `idx_plus_price_history` – Shows the Price History if enabled in the Listing settings. Uses `listing-price-history.php` template
  • `idx_plus_additional_details` – All the other details about the listing. Uses `listing-additional-details.php` template
  • `idx_plus_google_map` – Shows the Google Map
  • `idx_plus_birds_eye` – Shows Bing Bird’s Eye View
  • `idx_plus_listing_source` – Shows “Listed with …” text. Likely required by your MLS!
  • `idx_plus_contact_form` – Either use built-in form or your own custom contact form. Uses `listing-contact-form.php`
  • `idx_plus_related_properties` – Show related properties. Uses `listing-related-properties.php`
  • `idx_plus_disclaimer` – Shows “deemed reliable but not guaranteed”, etc. Likely required by your MLS!
  • `idx_plus_listing_dsidx_javascript` – Sets up map variables and sharing actions. This is important: don’t remove unless you know what you’re doing.
  • `idx_plus_after_listing_content` – Not yet used for anything (available for developers)


  • `idx_plus_sitemap_priority` and `idx_plus_sitemap_change_frequency` pass three variables: `$pri`, `$key`, `$value`.
    • `$pri`: the priority you’d like to set. Range of `0` to `1`; example: `.7`
    • `$key`: the type of sitemap URL, such as `city`, `state`, `zip`, `tract`, `listing`
    • `$value`: the object of the sitemap item, as returned by `IDX_Plus::get_locations()`