Announcement: New Ownership of IDX+

Talega Properties LLC aquires the IDX+ plugin

Talega Properties LLC, managed by Bruce Hiatt who is also the president of Luxury Realty Group Inc, is pleased to announce the acquisition of IDX+ software from Katz Web Services Inc.

Zack Katz several years ago created IDX+ which has truly been a great addition to the Diverse Solutions dsIDXpress WordPress plugin. IDX+ with its additional features beyond what is available in dsIDXpress has greatly benefited those real estate agents who purchased it based on their feedback in using the product.

While for some time IDX+ was in Beta status, it is now a production software product. Talega Systems, a division of Talega Properties LLC, will now oversee the further enhancement and support of IDX+. While initially there will be a transition period for Talega Systems to become familiar in-depth with IDX+, over time Talega Systems plans to enhance IDX+ with new features that have been requested and envisioned for the product. Support and maintenance programs will also soon be announced for IDX+ too.

Talega Properties LLC has several divisions from real estate investment, SEO and IT real estate consulting to real estate software development and acquisition. Bruce Hiatt observed on the acquisition of IDX+ &lqquo;I am excited to include IDX+ into our family of real estate software, IT and SEO services.

“IDX+ has a lot of potential remaining and I look forward to its enhancement to give real estate agents who purchase IDX+ a software tool to enhance their competitive edge in their marketplace. Being an active hands-on real estate broker for over 12 years in the USA and Canada with a strong IT and SEO background, I‘m excited for the future of IDX+. We use IDX+ for many of our Luxury Realty Group‘s websites so we will also be an active user too”

If you have any questions, Bruce Hiatt and Zack Katz are having a live Q & A session on the IDX+ Facebook Page on Monday at 1pm Pacific Time (2pm Mountain, 4pm Eastern). You can also send IDX+ related questions to

A letter from Zack Katz

Dear IDX+ Customers,
IDX+ started with a simple question from my friend Kevin: how can we modify the dsIDXpress WordPress plugin to improve SEO? Our discussion evolved over weeks to include a list of now-familiar features: saved favorites and searches, related posts, breadcrumbs, auto-generated links to locations based on price, sitemaps, and more. With IDX+, the question of “can we do this?” quickly became an answer: “yes, IDX+ can do it.”

I’ve been developing IDX+ for five years. I have loved helping IDX+ customers grow their websites, experience new highs in traffic and search engine visibility, and realize the power of the WordPress platform. It is thrilling to add new features and provide customization where there was no way to do something before. IDX+ was my first premium plugin, and it’s been a great experience.

My focus in the past year has been divided. The growth and development of the IDX+ platform has slowed. There are so many ways IDX+ can improve the dsIDXpress product that I’ve not the time or resources to develop.

Bruce Hiatt with Talega Properties LLC approached me with ideas for improving IDX+, and our discussion matured into his purchasing IDX+. Bruce has been an IDX+ customer and his goal is to take IDX+ to the next level. He has big plans to add often-requested functionality, and I’m happy these things are going to be added to the plugin. IDX+ will continue to be developed. Existing customers (before July 31, 2015) will receive lifetime plugin updates at no additional cost. Bruce will be revealing details on plugin support plans soon. I believe the future of the plugin is in good hands.

It has been a privilege to work on a product that’s so closely connected with your business and your lives. I have enjoyed working with all of you. Thank you for your support. You can reach me any time at

Thank you,
Zack Katz

There was a live Q & A session on the acquisition. You can view the Q & A here

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