and 2.3.7 Releases

We’ve been continuing to improve IDX+ speed and squash bugs. on November 10

  • Fixed (Pro): Login/register buttons in Forced Registration boxes not triggering login window
  • Fixed: Listing data incomplete when using Related Posts functionality on listing pages
  • Fixed: School District and School data working again
  • Fixed: When “Login to View Details” is set for secondary data table, don’t show “Login to View Details” for other unrelated values
  • Tweak: Removed mls-removed parameter from Return to Results links
  • Tweak: Improve identification of dsIDXpress Pro
  • Tweak: Check lat/long before processing Street View
  • Tweak: Reduced data stored in Audit Trail Viewed Listings
  • Tweak: Check whether Listing 404 exists before creating a new result in Audit Trail
  • Tweak: Change how 404 listings are retrieved to increase sitemap speed
  • Tweak: Added idx_plus_sitemap_listing_404s filter to allow Audit Trail to insert Listing 404s dynamically, instead of hard-coded

2.3.7 on October 29

  • Modified: Process data in a different order to improve speed
  • Modified: Strip extra spaces globally to improve speed
  • Fixed: Search filters when searching multiple values of the same type (multiple cities)
  • Fixed issue where: properties without related listings using the dsIDXpress Similar Listings results would cause slow load times
  • Disabled LogEntries logging
  • Use Javascript content to define the City, State and ZIP in single listing
  • Remove mls-removed URL parameter from pagination
  • Added: idx_plus_related_posts_args filter to modify the Related Post parameters
  • Fixed: Pagination links for results with quotes in it
  • Fixed: MLS not set on Single Listing IDX Pages
  • Tweak: Improve speed of process_tables (again)
  • Modified: Hard-code Javascript files to ensure they’re loaded
  • Modified: Removed dequeueing Google Maps
  • Modified: Remove nonce validation for autocomplete search
  • Fixed: PHP warning in Admin Panel
  • Tweak: Improved translation ability
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