Lead-Generating Registration

Configure forced registration with great control over when to show it and whether it is optional or required.

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Add Custom, Unique Content

Rank better than your competition by adding custom content. Add content to listings, city pages, or search results. Content is king - are you ready to be SEO royalty?

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Save as Favorites

Logged-in users will be able to save their favorite listings & searches…dsIDXpress Pro NOT required.

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Drag & Drop Layout

Re-arrange your listing details pages by simply dragging and dropping. Select what features are visible with the click of a mouse. Only available on IDX+.

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RSS Feeds for Searches

You want RSS feed capabilities for dsIDXpress? IDX+ provides RSS feed capabilities dependent on dsIDXpress data availability in your area.

Facebook Comments for Listings

Easily add Facebook comments to your listing pages. This is huge for user engagement.

Auto-Generating Sitemaps

Google-friendly SEO Sitemaps are automatically generated for your site's cities, ZIPs, communities, and tracts.

Related Articles for Listings

Articles tagged with ZIP codes or cities will be shown on listing pages. This is just incredible for SEO.

IDX+ Testimonials

I’m a new customer in October, 2015 and IDX+ is under new ownership of Talega Systems and Bruce Hiatt. Should have ordered a few years ago but had too much business going at the time. Just for the SEO benefits alone, I should have ordered. I will say that my final decision to buy IDX+ was based on two factors; Bruce Hiatt’s name in the real estate industry and your personal response back to my questions. I am impressed.

Robert R – Las Vegas – RE/MAX Extreme

As one of the relatively early adopters of dsIDXpress, I can say that the plugin is an exceptional product.  In the early days, dsIDXpress was a game changer, as few competitors had such a search engine-friendly indexable IDX product.  Similar to what Jay Thompson described in this blog post, our site experienced a substantial jump in search engine bot activity, which was then followed by real, human traffic, and conversions.

After a while, however, more and more competitors in the area began to add indexable IDX to their sites. Now there are hundreds of sites in my local area competing for the exact same MLS listings. It still drove a good bit of traffic, but that traffic eventually began to plateau. Sure, I can differentiate my site with quality, unique content on the non-iDX pages, but how can I differentiate the IDX listing pages themselves?

Enter IDX+.  After adding IDX+ to my site, Google took notice once again. As you can see in the Google Webmaster Tools image, crawl stats went through the roof.  But did that increase Googlebot activity lead to increased traffic?  You bet it did, as you can see from the Google Analytics image.

Basically, installing IDX+ is like strapping a turbo-charger onto your dsIDXpress.  More pages indexed, more traffic, more leads.  What more could you ask for?

Webmaster Tools Crawl Stats

Webmaster Tools Crawl Stats before and after installing IDX+

Google Analytics Visits Per Day

After installing IDX+, visits per day doubled.

Mike McGee
Broker/Owner Intown Elite Real Estate

As a Diverse Solutions IDX customer we were dismayed to see out competition outranking us in Google searches. Even our own listings were being indexed by Google on competitor websites before ours.

englishteam.com experienced a huge jump in the number of sites indexed by Google [from 7,500 to over 27,000 pages]. Buyer prospects doing a Google search for a specific property or street name are now highly likely to see our IDX page in the top five results. More visitors equals more opportunities to capture leads and create clients.

Even if you are paying the big money for dsIDXpress, you are no longer getting the bang for the buck that was once available through Google SEO. Your competition has blown by you so fast you did not realize what happened. IDX+ has put our index results on steroids. If you are tech-savvy enough to own your domain and have a WordPress site – you will quickly see the benefits of IDX+.

Zack Katz [the developer of IDX+] is going to continue to make things happen in the world of real estate technology, we plan to tag along for the ride.

Sally English
Atlanta Real Estate Broker

IDX+ is a breath of fresh air and an SEO buzzsaw. As flexible as it is powerful, it’s also easy also easy to use. I’m happy to share you my IDX+ powered web property and discuss why it’s been so successful, refreshing/rewarding. As for it’s behaivior in the SERPs? I’m happy to share analytics 🙂

For a rich, full featured, search engine friendly web solution, you’ll be hard pressed to find something more powerful.

Kevin Koitz
Broker, Koitz Group